The EPR group present at the 54th RSC ESR conference

Monday 10 May 2021

From the 12th to the 16th of April, the EPR group attended the 54th RSC ESR conference, held virtually in Cardiff with over 400 delegates. Graham Smith presented “Very High Sensitivity EPR – The HIPER upgrade”; Hassane El Mkami “High sensitivity Gd3+ – Gd3+ EPR distance measurements that eliminate artefacts seen at short distance” and Michael Taylor presented “Investigating the elusive oxygen donor copper site within a protein type scaffold”. Robert Hunter, Yujie Zhao and Hugo Karas also presented posters, entitled “High Frequency AWG Implementation at 94 GHz on HiPER”, “High frequency, high sensitivity EPR probe design optimized using the CST STUDIO Suite” and “SNR improvements in Pulsed EPR by applying Radar Signal Processing Techniques” respectively.

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