Undergraduate final year projects
Every year we offer several project topics for final year students across our three themes of Magnetic Resonance, Radar and Technology. These range from purely simulation and modelling based through to fully experimental projects. The School project coordinators advertise project topics annually but we welcome enquiries from students who might be interested in taking a project in our Group. Please see our Contacts page for the contact details of our relevant theme leaders.

Undergraduate summer projects
Most summers we welcome a few undergraduates who pursue summer projects with us. Like final year projects these also span our research themes and range in scope from simulation and modelling through to fully experimental. The primary aim of summer projects is to provide a learning opportunity and for students to gain experience in working in a research environment. Summer projects are funded by various sources including the Student-Staff Council and Physics Trust, the Carnegie Trust Vacation Scholarships, the Laidlaw Leadership and Research Programme, our own research funds, and occasionally through industrial sponsorship. Details on funding schemes can be found on the School website. Please get in touch via the Contacts page to discuss your interest in summer projects.

PhD projects
Currently we do not have any specific PhD project opportunities available. PhDs are supported by various funding schemes with different eligibility requirements, often based on nationality. Each year the School has an allocation of a few places funded by EPSRC that require the applicant to have UK residency status. The China Scholarship Council funds students from China to study for a PhD in the UK. From time to time we have PhD projects which are fully or part funded by industry. PhD project opportunities will be advertised on the School website, FindAPhD.com and this web page. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with us please get in touch with the appropriate theme leader via the Contacts page.

Research staff opportunities
Unfortunately, we do not have any specific research staff opportunities available at present. Research positions arise when we secure funding from research grants and contracts from the likes of EPSRC, STFC, NERC, US Army Research Laboratories, DSTL / DASA etc. Should a project be funded that requires us to recruit a researcher this will be advertised on the University’s vacancies page, on jobs.ac.uk and on this web page. Please get in touch with the appropriate theme leader via the Contacts  page if you are interested in research staff opportunities with us.