Imaging at st Andrews

The Group has been involved in PMMWI for many years, particularly in conjunction with the Passive Imaging Group at QinetiQ, Malvern, led by Dr Roger Appleby.  We have supplied a number of quasi-optical components to QinetiQ (DERA in the past), such as Faraday rotators, which have been incorporated into passive imagers operating in Ka- and W-bands.

Recent work on PMMWI has concentrated on close-focussed, diffraction limited imaging for high resolution mapping of sub-surface temperature of medical subjects.  The early research in the group by Dr David Macfarlane led to the development of MISTM, the Medical Imager for Sub-surface Temperature Mapping, by Dr Duncan Robertson in the Photonics Innovation Centre within the School of Physics & Astronomy.  MISTM is a fully functional turnkey imager which is currently undergoing hospital data gathering trials at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.




We are currently developing a combined dual-mode imaging instrument which combines an FMCW radar with a passive radiometer, called AVTIS for All-weather Volcano Topography Imaging Sensor.  AVTIS is designed to map the topography and thermal profile of volcanic lava domes.

Research interests include:-

  • Radiometric imaging
  • Close-focussed imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Remote sensing imaging instruments
  • Near-field imaging