We carry out research over a range of areas in mm-waves. This page summarises our main resarch interests and further information can be found through the links provided or the menu on the left.

  • Radar – we have built various mm-wave radar systems and are currently working on AVTIS, an imaging radar for volcanology.
  • Imaging – we have experience in both scene imaging and medical imaging applications of mm-waves.
  • Ferrites and materials – we are leaders in the characterisation and use of ferrite and dielectric materials for the construction of quasi-optical Faraday rotators, isolators and circulators.
  • Atmospheric propagation – we are involved in experimental investigations of the propagation of mm-waves through the atmosphere.
  • Quasi-optical components – we make a large range of QO components including Faraday rotators, polariser grids and quarter wave plates.
  • Sources – we have a strong interest in low noise mm-wave sources, especially Gunn diodes and multiplied oscillators.
  • Facilities – we have a large range of microwave and mm-wave instruments and measurement facilities.AVTISMVOhugeferrite