We undertake research in a number of related ares in magnetic resonance. This page summarises the main areas and further information can be found via the links or the menu.

  • High-Field EPR – we use high-field EPR to study a wide range of systems, from transition metal ions to radicals. We also have an extensive instrumentation programmme in CW and pulsed spectrometers.
  • FMR – Ferromagnetic resonance is a resonance technique that can be used to study the magnetic behaviour of some systems, for example magnetic recording media and nano-particles.
  • FDMR – Force detected magnetic resonance is a novel way of detecting magnetic resonance and has potential as an imaging technique.
  • NMR – We have experience in the construction of novel nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.
  • HIPER – The HIPER project will construct a state-of-the-art pulsed EPR spectrometer with a view to studying a wide range of applications.
  • DNP – Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation is a method of dramatically improving signal-to-noise in NMR experiments.
  • Collaborations.